Amber Valley Business Club

Business Networking in the Ripley, Belper, Alfreton and Heanor area

Amber Valley Business Club is an informal networking group for businesses based in Amber Valley and beyond. Business Club members come from diverse business backgrounds but have one thing in common – they all recognise the benefit of business networking. The Club is supported and co-ordinated by the Borough Council but is run for the benefit of local businesses.

Membership of the club is open to any individual or organisation doing business in Amber Valley no matter how big or small, and no matter what products or services they sell. Our membership ranges from individual tradesmen to manufacturers and retailers through to professional service providers. The majority of club members come from small businesses with typically less than ten employees, but membership is open to all sizes of business.

Business Club Membership Offers:

  • 11 informal networking meetings per year that are friendly and welcoming, where you can share ideas, pick up new contacts and promote your business.
  • Relevant and interesting guest speakers at meetings.
  • Low cost annual membership.
  • The opportunity to give and receive member to member offers.
  • Your business contact details on the Business Club website.

Is it for me?

Networking is for everybody. Many people think networking is all about schmoozing! They feel it can be insincere and manipulative. For some people that will be true, but most networks, including Amber Valley Business Club, are full of people in the same boat who are looking to meet new people and grow their business. Whether you are new to networking or have lots of experience networking can boost your business. Networking is essentially about helping others who in turn can help you. Networking can:

  • Help you gain knowledge and skills from the people around you – benchmark your business, learn about new best practice and share your experiences.
  • Give you the opportunity to raise your profile and gain new leads and referrals.
  • Provide information and support – with interesting guest speakers, business support workers and a range of professionals the Business Club can give you access to a wealth of information and help.

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